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5F daddoeipureisutajio
Kids' entertainment district
Kids' entertainment district

■List of rates

Business hours 11:00-21:00 (last reception desk 20:00)
There is no regular holiday (it follows facility for closed days)

Base rate
Adult 300 yen
Child (six months - 6 years old)
※Non-school children
First 30 minutes
600 yen
Extension (together with 15 minutes) *1 150 yen

Weekdays only ticket (one child one + adult) *2
1DAY pass *3 1,500 yen It is *3 about child one addition 1,050 yen
AFTER5 (17:00-20:00) 1,200 yen It is *3 about child one addition 750 yen

*1 extension rate is rate for one child. Protector can extend free.
*2 weekdays only set with coupon cannot use together.
*Additional charge of one adult of 3 weekdays only set is flat 300 yen. Price is all tax-included.
※Please note that you may change plan contents.

I would like understanding, cooperation to verboten and manner to have you spend time safely happily.

●Our facility is not custody system of child. Protector, please be accompanied by all means.

●Object of our facility is 0 years old (six months after birth) ... non-school child.

●Please do not always take your eyes off child.

●Child, please enter for security barefoot.

●Please refrain from carry-on of food and drink.

●Please refrain from entrance that we are with pet (except guide dog, deaf person's dog, service dog).

●In facility, please do not run.

●When you use playground equipment, you follow turn, and please use.

●You joke and overwhelm people in circumference, and please do not push away.

●There is not restroom kids restroom. Please use kids' restroom on the fifth floor (this floor), multipurpose restroom.

●Please use locker whether you have valuables at hand.

●Stroller, please use stroller place. Take valuables and baggage at hand by all means on this occasion.

●With the use near at hand, please contact manager if you find malfunction and damage of playground equipment.

●Please refrain from use of "smartphone" at place where other customers come to trouble "cell-phone".

●When we photograph with cameras, please refrain from use of supporting machine parts such as three.

●Image upload to SNS, please consider other customers.

●In rush hours, we may stop entrance receptionist without notice.

●We cannot change rate course on the way. In the case of leaving again on the way for the remaining time cannot refund.

●When it is lost, we have ticket 2,500 yen (tax-included) as fee.

●About accident by carelessness of customer and trouble between customers, daddoei and the affiliates cannot take responsibility.

For more details, please refer to daddoeipureisutajio
TEL: 06-6599-9399
About product price publishing on our homepage, notation without tax-included tax at store may be different by store. For more details, please refer to each store.
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